Created a Series of Printed Circuit Board Video Demos

As part of an application process for a content creation role (multimedia content including voice work and creating demos ) at a company that specializes in printed circuit board (PCB) software, I created a couple of demo videos. I did not get the role, but got far in the application process, due to me not being specialized enough in electrical engineering of understanding how such components work at a very technical level apparently. However, I still feel as it can be a benefit to me to show my overall video production and voice work production capabilities for other companies to consider.

One of them I edited later after they saw it and added my byline or credit at the end and reuploaded it to YouTube. However, I did not bother with the first, which was more simple and more of an introductory video of setting up an account and opening up the software.

Thus, if you are more interested in hearing my voice work while it was edited, check out the first clip. This is because it has more editing to it using QuickTime to record audio and video separately and later it was imported separately into iMovie for further editing. The second video is more technical and maybe interesting from the perspective of someone looking to use this software and seeing what it can do (as well as including my credit or name/byline at the end), but was all done with one session no audio editing or restarting form what I recall.

I actually really enjoy video editing and using software such as Audacity, iMovie, Final Cut, etc. while combining media such as audio and video tracks or even photography or graphic design for interesting results. I would not even mind doing pure voicework for non U.S.-audience companies that want such a presence and voice within their companies.

Thus, I am using these clips mostly for promotional purposes of my work in terms of voice and basic video creation/editing potential. Note that I have already added both these video samples to the video production section of this website.


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