Video Production

Here is a secrion dedicated to my video production and editing work. I have been learning and expanding my skillset in video production to include filming, taking screenshots of apps, using photography and graphic design to create compelling video content.

I enjoy creating video ads for marketing as you can see in one of the clips below (Screenplay for iPad advertisement I used for a PR position). I also created a couple ads for myself and my graphic design work in the two initial clips below. Besides marketing and quick videos to showcase a company, an app, a product, or generals service, I enjoy creating unique film content as well.

Here is a video production project I was commissioned by the CEO of a company that existed at one point called Faqden Labs. Irham or Irfam (forgot how to spell his name) reached out to me to do this project. Last I checked he was working at Google so I am not sure what happened with Faqden Labs. However, at the end of the video I credited myself under my former American name of Mike Lata:

Here is a fantasy and pixel art showcase I did not too long ago showcasing some of my pixel artwork and transitions from other digital work to to pixel art I created out of it:

AnCloud Computing motiom graphic I created from scratch, which was later inserted into iMovie and turned into a movie clip:

A Space Game Concept (game trailer) I designed from scratch – from the art assets to storytelling and even my voice thrown in at the end for good measure:

A short gaming-based stop motion animation I created:

Here is a project I made showing some of my video-editing skills. It is an iOS app (Screenplay for iPad) that I used my voice over to create a VNR for — as an application for a PR position. It is an ad showing the features of the application and I read a segment of the description from the press release — Here is an example from PRmac. I aimed for around 40 seconds and achieved this goal well. I used Audacity for voice editing and clarity — and AVS for the video editing segment.

Besides these two projects, I have also produced the video presentation for in the “about us” section — I am credited at end. You can see it here.

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