Photography is another one of my passions, particularly because of how easy it is on the iPad. The latest iPad, in particular, has a pretty amazing camera that truly makes it worth doing. The earlier iPads I owned and iPhones (original iPad and original Mini, as well as iPhone 6) really were not up to par and I didn’t get into using the devices for photography. This all changed with the 2017 iPad I now own and the space I have on it allows for some unrestraint photography to take place I only dreamed of before — I have 128GB.

The camera offer zoom options while retaining quality is another plus as well as options such as Live Photos, Panorama, and more. The outside camera (not Facetime camera as much) is what really impresses me, but they both have improved across the generations. However, Panorama is really something that I have been playing with as of late. Apps also are something constantly making the iPad so seamless to use and play with in post-production.

A lot of these photographs are also from various travelt rips I have recently embarked on following my return to Poland. I love to capture the beauty of new places that I visit and finding unique architectures, street or anything of note to capture and share.

I have also been experimenting with adding photo manipulations and enhancements below actual photographs here. With that said, here are some of my photography work using Apple’s tablet.

photo manipulation

Photo enhanced with saturation adjustments
Photo manipulation
Fixing a photograph of a clay bull digitally with added shapes via brushes

This is just a small sample of the photography I do and offer, as well as what exists on my iPad. I will be expanding this section as I see fit and adding more works in. I also can manipulate photos with artwork as you can see from the various blog posts I have put on here describing some or my methods and apps I use.

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