Note, The introduction below was written years ago, when I first started this site.

Another introduction written here when I first started this blog, which I also turned into my personal site.

Hello fellow gadget-lovers, gamers, or potential employers. My name is Maciej (was called Mike in my time living in California) and I decided to start this blog after I acquired some cool gadgets, like the iPad, as graduation gifts. It started out mainly focusing about games and apps, but it now offers more of a personal page full of my writing credentials. The site, however, still mainly deals with technology and computing. I recently received the 16GB Apple ipad and the iPhone 4 as gifts for graduating College with a journalism Bachelors degree (minor in economics). I went to Chico State (took a semester at San Jose State as well) and now live in CA.

I have never been a fan of Apple until recently because of my previous stereotypes of Macs. I was turned off for example by the thought of not being able to load popular games on a Mac; but now discovered a program called BootCamp that let’s you load both Windows and iOs on the Mac. This means you can get the best of both worlds – Mac OS X and Windows apps, programs, and games. Now that I have access to an iMac that has the latest Mac OS X and Windows (via the Bootcamp method), overall expectations of Apple totally changed. I became a pretty big fan, but still have use for certain Windows apps or programs.

I also heard many stereotypes about the iPad being just an oversized iPod Touch or iPhone. All these pre-judgments of course turned out to not be true in my experience due to the form factor being so much superior in my view.

What I also want to mention is I went through two different Windows laptops that got over-filled with viruses and spyware in the course of last year. I fixed one (with a clean hard drive reformat causing me to lose all of my data), but the other one is pretty much unfixable. In order to reformat that laptop, all the hardware specs would have to be factory defaults. I am looking into selling it for parts to tell the truth — especially since I only use my iPad for mobile computing.

Besides having access to an iPad, iPhone, iMac, and another older laptop, I also have the iMac with dual-boot Windows and Mac OS X (via bootcamp). I am typing this blog and plan to type most if not all future blogs on my iPad using an app called Pages. The app is part of Apple’s iWork suite on the App Store. It is a pretty good for word processing, but lacks certain desktop features like tracking changes. The app offers various fonts, spell checking, header and footer customization, and the ability to export (via various formats). It pretty much has what students and bloggers need for typing and I definitely recommend it. I also recommend the offline pages app for the Wi-Fi only iPad owners as it stores Web page data. I might go further into these apps in future blogs.

As for myself, I am a recent graduate with a bachelors in journalism and have been doing feature writing as of late for various sites. I am also getting better at video filming/editing using Apple’s Final Cut Pro. The Film creation process is another huge fascination of mine that I enjoy. I especially love historical films like ‘Kingdom of Heaven.’

Right now, I live in Cupertino — the place where the main Apple headquarters is. I am also trying to improve my Web design skills. When I update my websites, or create new ones, I will share it here. It will be interesting to see if Google’s Adsense turns profitable for me.

In regards to my history, I was born and raised in Poland and came to California at the age of 9. Most of my family is still over there and I visit every couple years. I speak Polish and English fluently and some German and Spanish. I think languages teach a lot about cultures by the way they allow people to express themselves or by looking at the tenses and formality rules. I also enjoy traveling and meeting people from all walks of life.

My older blog about the world wide web and online journalism that I wrote in my final semester of college for a course can be read here:
Technology and Journalism

I also wrote a Blogspot blog-post about student volunteers helping the homeless:
Peanut Butter and Jelly Time

I did an internship for Palo Alto Weekly and my stories can be found by searching my name.

I also wrote many good and interesting stories for the award winning Chico State newspaper ‘the Orion‘ but they are in the process of updating their archives.

As you can see I have some experience as a reporter and a journalist and it really is my passion no matter what subject or topic-at-hand I always seem to learn something new.

Do not hesitate to send me an e-mail at virolak@icloud.com or Stirolak28@gmail.com. I also have a Ko-Fi account , in case anyone wants to show support and keep me caffeinated.

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  1. Read your ‘how to’ regarding IPAD! Quite clear, the instruction. Might I ask though, as guessing it an iPad ‘1, which I have, though it DOES say it the A 1395 Model.. IS the iPad 2 A1395 THEE same unit! replaced in similar or SAME procedure!?!??? I’ve NOT found a replacement Kit available for the ‘original’ iPad, if indeed that is what I have; it does NOT say ‘2, ANYwhere on it. If I purchase an iPad replacement digitizer/Kit which SAYS applicable for the A1395 as well as 2 other Model numbers, would it be SAME ‘Model A 1395 as used in an iPad 2??? Thank you, much, your response!!! David

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