Journalism / Writing Portfolio

Here are some of my writing samples published on numerous online networks. They are mostly related to technology, but some are straight AP news samples or relate to various subject matters. These samples are not tied to the main blog on here, although I republished some of those blog posts as longer stories on Medium.

Also keep in mind that I was born with a Polish name and legally changed my last name a coupe of years ago to my grandmother’s family side from my dad’s side whom I never even knew, so you can seen some of my work under my older Americanized name of Mike Lata (articles from three years ago and earlier). I can prove this with an official name change document if it needs to be.

My standout story that I wrote when I was an associate editor at IDG:

Another stand out story this time for Pluralsight about Machine Learning that got over 1k views:

An investigative reporting feature I wrote after talking to a friend who remained anonymous and who works at Apple:

Please see my mobile app and gaming coverage here.

Game Writing Sample (Intro Storytelling)

Medium Self-Published Articles

Latest Articles Published Across Various Tech (byline or name shown on bottom of most of these articles):

Remote Work / Business Topics

Pluralsight Guides

The Digital Enterprise

Gaming Coverage

Check out some of my iOS game reviews on TouchArcade here.

TV Show / Film Coverage

Misc. Copywriting

InvoiceOcean: Financial Software (SaaS)

I ran their blog, which focuses on various financial topics and invoicing SaaS software. I also did the online marketing for the .uk and .us products pages ( & and ran google AdWords campaigns for them. Lastly, I edited and translated majority of these two websites (offshoots or branches from

IDG Consumer (PC World, Macworld and TechHive)


Tech Times Profile with Stories Linked

Technical Writing (How-To Instructionals)

Apple Magazine (this is a digital magazine in ePub format)

Here is an entire issue you can check out where I wrote the cover story, titled “Outsourced.” The cover story was based on Foxconn and Apple’s controversial partnership that later prompted Apple to audit Foxconn factories:

Gawker Media

Traditional AP-Style Journalism

Kraków Post 

Here is a 2017 freelance feature I wrote for a Polish news site (possibly paper as well) called Kraków Post:

Palo Alto Weekly (published in Both Print & Web)

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