Entirely Hand-Crafted from iPad Digital Image Related to iPad & This Site

So I've decided to work a bit more on that entirely-from-scratch iPad created digital image that I created its first rough draft wuite a while back (maybe a few years). And I've decided -- due to being bored at a pub and a bit tipsy -- turn it into something related to the site. So... Continue Reading →

Coding and the iPad: an Example of How It’s Done

I may have previously mentioned on here how the iPad continues to surprise me in so many ways with what can be done on it today as compared to a few years ago. How it continues to defy its own limitations and be utilized for much more than intended when steve Jobs unveiled it in... Continue Reading →

iPad Touchscreen Issues [update]

Today while I was trying to enter Flipboard, which I have in the seventh screen on my iPad user interface, I've ran into some weird trouble. At first I just thought a part of my touch screen is damaged on the lower left where Flipboard is located but soon came to realize the whole screen... Continue Reading →

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