Dystopian Urban Photography Inspired Me to Create New Designs

I took some dystopian photographs of a stark urban scene that reminded me of a post-apocalyptic landscape from a movie like Mad Max but in our present reality of sorts. It was as if I found this scene on a whim or out of the blue yesterday walking about in Lodz, Poland. Post apocalyptic urban photos are a hobby of mine and it is so rare to find images like this to capture when out just strolling about. By the way, I should be adding some of these to the Photography section of this site.

As I was just walking about in this city, a large and eerie parking lot was to the left of me with an abandoned car in the midd, which prompted me to photograph the scene using an iPhone. Nearby, there were some chunks of rock of rubble everywhere, graffiti on the walls and just a look as if it came from a post apocalyptic movie. I decided to photograph this scene and others in the vicinity with my iPhone 5S.

I would like to call these photographs something like “enter a post apocalyptic world today” or “a dystopian world within reality”. The image on the left is the parking lot and the one right next to it to its right is the same area but panned to the right or if I decided to do a panorama both would have been in it. The third image to the right is a street over.

I then decided to run them through Instagram and play around with some filters for the stark scenes while adding some flair to these urban post apocalyptic photos. I like what I particularly did with the first one and to the left below with the monochrome or black-and-white hue. It gives it truly a post apocalyptic or almost Mad Max-like feel.

Some variants of the first image from above of the urban dystopian photography parking lot and me playing around with exposure and filters:

Some of my own previously-created bird designs thrown in:

Finally, I inserted them into Adobe Illustrator and played around with them for added collages as well as graphic design.

Here is a bit of a lighter or almost snowy version:

I used the recolour artwork option in Illustrator to make it a bit more dreamy:

Some collage ideas:

Here is another photo of a nearby scene I decided to play around eith using raster or bitmap photo manipulation. I used Artstudio Pro to modify and manipulate this urban dystopian image.

I also have other urban landscape dystopia images I am thinking of incorporating somehow into this post or some of the compositions I that created.

I will probably be updating the Photography section of this site and adding some of these samples to it. I jsut have to decide, which of them to use. I also have not worked with one of the photos (the parking lot with birds graffiti in back) in terms of graphic design and will soon as well. Thus, look for those samples within this post.

I also have various pdf files of some of the samples above and am decided what to do with them and whether to upload them or keep them for personal or commercial use. If anyone is interested in them however or working with me on some project or purchasing rights to any of them or anything of the sort, please contact me.

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