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I have been reading rumors about a Diablo 2 remake being in development across various big media gaming channels and find it interesting if it turns out to be true. Diablo 2 was a game I remember fondly from my teenage years, but I always assumed it was inferior the the original, which is still one of my best gaming experiences to date. I loved it so much I even completed its expansions.

The sequel followed up the original directly with a storyline that follows the head demon Diablo being killed and the aftermath of the event. It played in a similar manner to the first being an action RPG and even referenced events from the original. This includes things such as the former town’s blacksmith (from the former game’s main town that was burnt to the ground in the sequel) being killed and possibly his body showing or someone talking about him. There were many such references even though both games were self contained and could be played independently.

The original game was all based on a single town with many layers and captivating characters that inhabited it. It also had one main dungeon you as the player had to navigate, further and further into its depths (or possibly up a stairs do not recall exactly). This focus on a single town truly made it interesting and unique: from the witch being across the river with her own spells and magic as tomes to sell to the player alongside potions to the hunchbacked teenager murking in a clandestine manner on the other side of town near the dungeon with unique and expensive items such as rings or weaponry to sell. It truly had everything for a 1990s game: originality, presentation including a musical score that soothed the ears every time you loaded the game up to a very addictive mouse-driven combat system that allowed the player to experiment with being a rouge, mage or a warrior.

The first game just had this atmosphere of being new and different from anything else on the market. It was dark; it was grimmy… but it was also an RPG and an action one at that. There was lots of action to be head in slaying skeletons, and other baddies, in the dungeon while looking for valuable loot. Despite it officially being called an action RPG, it has many adventure game elements that would later be exposed more fully in the the Elder Scroll series.

The sequel ended up being less focused and had multiple towns and dungeons to complete (I recall four but could be wrong). By splitting the game up into multiple dungeons, towns and sections to me made it inferior to the original in my book, but still a great game all onto itself and a worthy successor in most aspects.

Before I delve into the series further, which I may on a Medium article (note: here it is) or if I pitch a gaming publication, I want to pitch some of my recent artwork on the subject. Here are some of my graphic design ideas and the way I would remake the Diablo 2 cover art or box art:

Glitch Art

Vector Graphics

Pixel Art Versions:

Here is the original image from Blizzard I have changed the versions above from:

I used this exact image I found from the box art with the same resolution I worked with for the versions I created above. Thus, it may be very low res and too lowfi to be of use for anything. However, if Blizzard or any company wants to work with these, I can trace them into vector or find a higher res image (or sent it my way) to work from producing the same style of content at whatever quality they desire.

If you have not checked out my last blog post, please do so as I used the last image I created to add the character into the Diablo 2 cover and replaced the canon skeleton that was present on that cover. I also created a game introduction or storyline showcasing some of my game writing and narrative storytelling.

Also of note is that I recently wrote an article about the Elder Scrolls series for Medium, with some of my designs included. Click the image below to get to it and see my Elder Scrolls analysis and my ideas of what I think Todd Howard should do and Bethesda (and Zenimax) should concentrate on for the upcoming TES VI:

The design above was based on a previous design I created and was also inspired by TES IV Loading screen art. Here are some more versions:

I have added both the original image and created the TES V or The Elder Scrolls 6 font entirely using brushes on my iPad with an Apple Pencil for the image above. Check it out for more content including my in-depth analysis how the next title could be improved with more AI and interactivity immersion. Some Skyrim demake using pixelart and other tools images zi created from screenshots I took on my iPad:

To take this blog post in a 180-degree direction, here are some new artificial intelligence graphic design ideas I created from previous designs:

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