Created Some Dark Souls-Inspired Concept Art

[Just to update this post] I have also updated my game writing sample that goes along great with the artwork here as it deals with a similar fantasy theme. Also, here is a vector version I have been working on secretly in Illustrator after tracing the previous (last version) into the program (note this version right here has some raster program after export editing thrown in):

Latest Versions

Previous or alternative versions below:

Previous raster version (which you can also see the progression to below) done entirely on iPad as a digital illustration using the Apple Pencil:

I recently purchased a Playstation 3 and this is the first Sony gaming console I owned since the Playstation Portable, which I loved by the way and only departed with due to it being stolen. Thus, since I now own a Sony console I have been going on a shopping spree on all the great games I have been wanting to play for years and did not have a chance to since relying just on the iPad, newly-purchased Apple TV, PC and Nintendo consoles. Some of the games I received include Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid 4, the amazing and artistic Ico/Shadow of Colossus in HD combo pack, and Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls is a series with a history going back to a game called Demon’s Souls, which was also released and still exclusive to the PS3, and a game I also plan on getting soon. Dark Souls 2 has been taking up much of my time and I am sure I will be playing it for the months ahead. The series was created by From Software and includes even Playstation 4 additions such as Bloodborne, which may not technically be part of the series but shares gameplay ideas.

The games are known to be very difficult and offer a lot of boss fights with trial-and-error gameplay that also includes a lot of medieval or fantasy-like aesthetics and lore. It actually surprised me such games came from a Japanese developer as they seem more in line with Besthesda’s Elder Scrolls series than most Japanese role-playing games.

I started looking at some of the recent concept art or advertising art for the latest version of these games, which is the Playstation 5 remake or Demon’s Souls, and added it into my own design and art. I then decided to change this character or single object I inserted into my own works to make it completely my own.

You can see the results below with my own design first, then me making it about Dark Souls and inserting the game character from official art into it and finally changing the character to my own version:

I am not sure, which of the versions above I would consider my final version, as I think they are all ideas Iw ant to explore further. I may even continue working on other helmet alternatives to add onto the variants. I also think some of the versions look as if the bottom left-sided character is facing sideways while others look as if he is turning his head and looking on. I find this interesting for future references.

Here are some other variants using a technique of turning digital drawings into pencil-like sketches and mimicking the loading screen images you see in Oblivion:

Based on the vector image above not the raster versions

I am not sure about this, but I believe even using one character or object from an official gaming series would qualify under fair use anyway especially if I changed some aspects of it or added to it such as a new blade and grip. Either way I did change the character entirely and everything else and now the whole image is my own.

I may do this in the future and look for gaming designs to add to my works or even create a mis of my own designs with that of official gaming concept art. I may even create things from scratch entirely on my own and just use official stuff as ideas for technical details like character armour design or story setting.

I already created a Metroid idea in soft pastels, which is still on paper and I have not digitized it, but you can see the design here. Also, check out my Avernun and Spiderweb Software-inspired writing and concept art here.

I found a site that is like a gold min on character design and concept art and this time for the Elder Scrolls series and I plan on using some of its ideas in the future. I also have a Breath of Fire design and artwork book at home, which I sometimes draw ideas and inspirations from, in addition to Artcade and the Art of Atari books. I recommend them all if you are interested in concept art, character or game design.

Meanwhile, here are some additional images I created before designing the versions above.:

In case you missed some of my other fantasy-inspired works, here is a medieval life type of artwork I created that started out as a pencil drawing and I digitized it and added to it a bit:

mostly pencil and paper, but some digital fixed and the brush tool

Some other older designs ideas of mine:

I also want to add that so far all of these designs presented here were created on the iPad using the Apple Pencil. I may vectorize them soon and continue my work on them in vector using Adobe Illustrator to see if I can create some new unique designs.

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