New Medium Articles Available, Graphic Design

Medium is an interesting platform although it is not one I found it is easy to make an income on. Nor is it a platform that seems to reward interesting content over originality. Instead it relies on curation, popularity and feeding into some algorithm to get articles or stories noticed.

However, despite this fact, I am not writing for any publications currently and want to continue to showcase my skills as well as build up my portfolio. Thus, I have been publishing content on it. Here is my profile with articles shown.

This content I have been publishing mostly revolves around previously-published articles I have written that are no longer published and available online; the media, such as websites, may no no longer be in circulation; or it was unpublished at the time for some reason or not given the nod by an editor, yet I feel the article is still worth publishing. It also involves some blog posts that I have previously only published on this site that I wanted to curate for a new audience and possibly get the attention of publishers elsewhere.

However, some of the content is new and I did write some articles entirely from scratch for the platform. An example of such an article is one I wrote related to the top five puzzle games available on the Playstation 4. I originally wrote it as a trial piece for a gaming media that was never published nor did they even get back to me due to probably having so many applicants and one was probably found even by the time I tried applying. Thus to me, at least, the article is fair game and would be a waste to left unpublished anywhere.

This is the type of content I find Medium to be useful for: unpublished or no longer published works or to curate stuff published on one’s own portfolio or blog and nowhere else.

The other interesting thing is some of my stuff has been picked up by various Medium-based publications, which seem to be like digital magazines and networks related to particular topics. For instance, these three Apple-related stories were picked up by a Medium publication called Mac O’Clock:

Here is a feature originally published here that I reworded and reworked and published on Medium that was picked up by Medium-based ARVR Journey:

One thing I noticed was that the early stuff I published after setting up a Medium profile got a lot more views than the recent stuff I have been publishing. I also have been curating it on LinkedIn to get some views and interest. However, my goals, again, are not really to make money or gain any sort of a following on medium but to use these pieces as a way to showcase my writing and graphic design skills and continue building up my portfolio. Almost all of the articles feature both my own writing and graphic design together for a multimedia package I enjoy presenting.

Here are some newer ones that I have not added onto the portfolio section of this site yet (as of this writing):

One thing I like about Medium is a sense of community it fosters amongst writers. You can highlight and even comment on other articles and the authors will know and be able to see your take on it. Sometimes, articles curated widely even show highlights by other notable writers or contributors you can see and read right off the articles. There are also various other interactivity options such as clapping when you read a story you enjoy and seeing claps from other Medium users or writers.

This is the sort of multimedia interactivity I enjoy and prefer over social media or over traditional media channels that foster to only discussing topics via social media and having no other way to interact with the content.

One thing about Medium is it seems to cater to non journalism types. Articles that get curated or do well tend to have short paragraphs consisting of one or two sentences, posts of imaginary or graphics and usually taken from other sources (I produce most of my own content in this regard), and are written in a very informal and often first-person tone.

I have journalism training and sometimes I find it difficult getting out of the AP-style mentality online media like Medium cater to: a less formal and more of a blogging style. However, I am open to new things and trying to find different ways to stand out.

Here are some graphic designs I have used for the various articles I published on Medium:

New Ones:

moving image tv screens and my own graphic design inside a TV set.

I inserted some of the vehicle graphics into another stock TV photo and refined it further with even club lights I took on my iPad at a show or event:

Here is a computer monitor I created entirely by myself from scratch with a keyboard that is somewhat abstract and I did not have a chance to fully realise its keys (yet, so I kept it abstract). I drew it with charcoal on paper then digitised it and added my other assets and graphics to it for various looks:

More info and samples are available on my graphic design site / blog here.

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