New Hero Image & Pixel Art Fantasy Samples

If you have followed this site for a while, you may have noticed that I have a new hero or header image now showing that I have created myself from scratch using previous works of mine and adding a figure in Adobe Illustrator to the piece.

My previous header image was the horse rider in neon-light style and this version is a warrior overlooking a landscape on a hill and potentially a cave or dungeon in front of him. It was abstract and you can see how the image started out here with some older samples of it shown.

I have traced one of the pixel art samples from the post above into Illustrator and added a filter to it so it is almost like a fairy tale snowy landscape in late Winter and early Spring, but the sample is not pixel art anymore, although shares aspects of it. I then used the Illustrator pen tool to create the figure more defined. Here it is with some other variations below it:

I have also created different versions including a low-fi pixel art version:

The tricky part was having it line up across devices and browsers. The WordPress recommended image size did not yield desirable results across Safari as compared to Opera and the figure was getting cut off, so I had to resize it and play around with the dimensions until the cloaked figure or warrior was visible (at least mostly) across different browsers and device types. I found 913×268 to be the ticket for me for this image to mostly crop right.

I have also been playing around with creating pixel art out of some other older samples of mine:

Some older variants:

Some other older pixel art samples of mine you may have missed that I have added into this post post publishing it:

Come back to this post from time to time and I may update it with some new content as this is something I am working on right now:

Vector version via Illustrator:

A whole new image that transformed from the old one I am working on in pixel art once again and then some:

I have added a collage or composition of sorts and some backstory txt to go along with it:

Please keep in mind, so it is for viewing pleasure and personal use, unless you want to contact me and we can work together somehow.

Also, please note that you can leave notes or certain requests via PayPal or by contacting me for any of the digital items below. If you request too much text for instance for the image below, then it may not fit or I would have to crunch it so it would hardly be visible. It will depend. So if you are concerned, I can work with you.

Lastly, the PDF composition below is slightly better or more wide screen than the one above I linked to via the download button and has better overall design.

Check out Maciej Duraj’s latest pixel & fantasy art.

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