New Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Articles

Please note that I have created an infographic using the information that I learnt about AI from writing these articles below, or from creating the longer guides, alongside my own graphic designs I created earlier. Check it out here.

I have quite a lot of new content to showcase in terms of covering artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL) and other subjects within this field, like chatbots. I have three new chatbot creation-process articles for Pluralsight where I describe the creation process and create chatbots myself in step-by-step guides with my own screenshots. I also have a larger feature for Pluralsight focusing mostly on ML, but also delving into and defining what AI and DL consist of.

Keep in mind that the Microsoft Azure one focuses not just on any old basic chatbot, but a QnA bot that answers questions from a knowledge base. The editor simply left the old title the way it was even after I asked or suggested for it to be changed to a QnA Bot, but it is what it is as the saying goes. I simply originally was going to write it on just the most basic bot possible, but decided to challenge myself and create a more complex QnA bot that can look up information from an online database.

Below are the three chatbot guides I have created from scratch using my own creation process and screenshots:

To put it in simple terms, the Motion.AI bot was the most simple to create and most user friendly without additional processes or set-ups required. I actually use it on my graphic design site. However, at least the version I use and created mostly just greets and waits for me to log on to be able to take over and answer questions directly. The Azure one was the most intense for me to create and AI-based or self-serving ( I had to go to a separate website/network just to create the knowledge base and link it), but I only touched upon what IBM Watson offers. It probably is the deepest of them all and the options in terms of nodes, skills, entities and intents is truly profound.

As you may have previously read in a recent update of mine, where I created some AI and ML graphic design (by the way, I just updated that blog post just now with one new link on top), I mentioned working on written content related to this subject. This was what I was working on:

In the meantime, I’ve also self published this piece on the topic of overall AI and its impacts on the tech industry as a whole for Medium, which was later picked up by a Medium digital magazine called Chatbots Life:

This was an update to an older post right here on this site/blog I wrote and published about the topic you can read here. I since updated that post as well, but wanted to publish it on Medium for a larger audience.

I really find the concept of AI and its subsets of ML and DL fascinating. I also enjoyed the creation process of the three different chatbots and delving into the underlying systems that they consist of. The IBM Watson chatbot, in particular, opened my eyes as there are so many options to its node system and how to set up the way the chatbot can interact with people via a pyramid or ladder of sorts. However, they all have something interesting to offer.

AI, however, is much deeper and more profound than just chatbots. That is just one aspect of many that show its potential in modern and future tech. I have also recently learned of a concept called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and that John Carmack has left Oculus Rift and his focus on virtual reality (VR) to focus on this concept of AI. What it consists of is basically an AI system that mimics or acts like humans.

AGI is truly fascinating and I briefly touch upon it in the Pluralsight ML feature because it does not rely on humans setting up AI algorithms for specific tasks. instead, the idea behind it is for the AI to be able to teach itself beyond individual tasks or goals any human programs it for. Examples are fields (instead of just tasks) where the AI could be allowed to let loose with its cognitive ideas and possibilities of examining immense data sets such as natural language processing (NLP). You can read more about AGI here.

You should see more content related to this subject as well as graphic design as it truly is interesting and I think I am pretty experienced in covering it. Stay tuned for more such content or look in my journalism portfolio for it. Also keep in mind the graphic above is entirely my own and you can see more samples or variants of it here.

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