Fixed the Day-Laborer Graphic Design

So today, I was looking over some of my older graphic design I created and there was always this day laborer graphic I wanted to fix, but never got to. It was this day laborer or something I came up related to the theme of manufacturing since I was writing a story at the time about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as well as smart manufacturing and this was what I could come up with from the top of my head.

Latest version of my 'Day Laborer' design
Latest version of my ‘Day Laborer’ design

I posted it this way before here in an older post about the article I was writing at the time showcasing this and some other variations of it.

Here was another variation that I still use on my portfolio and am not touching due to the surreal way it came out:

Another version from the same set I recently fixed (the logs)

[Edit] Here is a version traced into Illustrator with an interesting filter:

The way I created these was entirely on iPad from pixel art to my main digital iPad apps I use, which are Procreate and ArtStudio, and then into Adobe Illustrator on Desktop for the grainy effect on the texture (the image directly never touched desktop or Illustrator).

Thus, due to the way the filter worked, it sort of messed up aspects of the image even though it came out really cool. I really liked the combination of the grainy texture with pixel art, but like I said, some of the shadows and other things kind of ruined it. The legs as you see on top were also strange looking, the laborer is holding the log too high and there is no eyes or even a visible facial structure.

Thus, also on my iPad and this time entirely with no new filter I fixed the graphic today. Keep in mind that I had to use the clone tool (also available in Photoshop) to fix the grains that disappeared after moving each section of the way he is holding the logs, which was not easy on iPad using ArtStudio especially.

Also notice the new eye I’ve added, some of the shadow effects which were removed form the side of the body, the logs now being fixed overall to symmetric looking ones, the shoes and some more.

Some older variants:

Another older version I still need to fix
Another older version I still need to fix

Slightly older and less refined versions, but still from my most-recent work (of today):


I actually had a cropping issue where this was the version I had and had to combine the original graphic before the fixes with this cropped version below to get what I wanted:


Here are two other versions (you may have seen in the post I linked where I originally showcased them) I still need to fix or may if I decide to. I am not sure where the source pixel art file is of the original image inspiring these versions, as it is somewhere on one of my two iPads, in the images app as well as possibly in the Pixel Art Maker app or Procreate/Artstudio.

Another older version I still need to fix

Another older version I still need to fix

Another older version I still need to fix

If I find that original pixel art version I can fix the two versions above easier than the one I did today. I can do it before running the filter as it was still pixel art, as doing it this way with the clone tool was quite time consuming. The grains kept turning out too fake looking and I still sort of hurried it up so it still could use some work if I feel like working on it some more in the top section where the old log was.

[Edit] I found one of the source files before any filters as it was pixel art and my old post doesn’t even have this version, but I still have to look for the versions after this with the workers (including the main day laborer in the image featured here) added as pixel art.

Original pixel art image I created on iPad

Original pixel art image I created on iPad wth Pixel Art Maker

[Another edit] I found the original pixel art day laborer and I realized I created the image above, the day laborer and the other character separately via the iPad Pixel Art Maker app and combined them as layers later and worked from there.

Original day laborer version I created via an app called Pixelart on iPad

Original day laborer version I created via an app called Pixel Art Maker on iPad

On second thought, I may have created the third worker in the images not even in pixel art, but al in the digital apps I was working with at that point. I will look to make sure, but that may have been the case. Either way, you have the pixel art sources and inspiration for the final image now.

I am a lot better now in saving my work as I work on it or duplicating my entire files with layers if I get to a point where I like what I am working with or the way something is turning out. I used to not do that but since I have an iPad Pro with 256GB of SSD space I am a lot less stringent on saving storage space.  I also have been taking advantage of iCloud lately and this is especially useful moving files that I am working on across iPad and Mac.

The main thing that bothered me about the previous image or the one I still have not fixed directly above was the logs not being symmetrical and how he was not holding them on his shoulders, but above the head. The second one from the top was also this way and I fixed it a while back, but recently as if you click on the post I wrote when I originally created these images, you will see it used to not be symmetrical ass well.

Please contact me if you want to purchase any of the the source images with layers or use them in any way like an eBook or something for copyright purposes and payment terms. We can also work on something original or add onto these examples if you wish.

Note, contact me if the exact version you want is not listed in the. buttons above.

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