Quantum Computing & Robotics Graphic Design

Quantum computing is a far-reaching concept of what computers may be capable of down the line in terms of computation like processing data or brute forcing encryptions. It is a theory that if a computer can use quantum physics there is little if any limits to what it can achieve.

IBM describes it as a method of superposition in order to create states that can scale with quantum bits:

“To stand a chance at solving some of these problems, we need a new kind of computing. Universal quantum computers leverage the quantum mechanical phenomena of superposition and entanglement to create states that scale exponentially with number of qubits, or quantum bits.”

With that in mind and my fascination with this far-out concept,  I’ve decided to try to tackle this still abstract or surreal concept of computing and what is possible in the future in abstract form. I started out using an old image you may see as my site’s, or this site’s, image icon (not the one for the logo, but one that shows up in search or some other forms from WordPress). I inserted it into Illustrator and these are some of the images I created with the concept in mind:


I created the graphic design above in Adobe Illustrator by combining a few different assets or graphic designs together into one. I first created a digital illustration based on obscure mathematics or random thoughts that came into my head and made it a clear PNG file.


Then I added to the older image I previously mentioned that I traced in Illustrator to get an effect of a curved monitor of sorts you see above. I have had that image done for a while and wrote about it on the news section of my graphic design website ArtisticCounterculture, which I updated today with the images you see in this post.

I then decided to add a 3D shape to the mix of the idea of a super computer rather than just a quantum computer like I’ve had before. I did this in Illustrator:


The idea is the central aspect is the power generator or fuel source of some kind. These were the final images I created until today when I decided to add a previously-created robotics idea into the mix:

You may have seen this robot before as I created it a while back, but did not remove the top background coming out of his head and upper body until today. I then inserted the robot into the images above via Adobe Illustrator to get some interesting graphic designs and graphic art variations as I used different opacities for the layers:


I then exported the image via Apple iCloud to my iPad again where I opened it with Procreate. I wanted to trace the image in Illustrator of both the robot and platform and take out the background through the use of a clipping mask. There were multiple layers as the image was saved as a PSD file, so it took me a while to figure out a best way to do this. I also traced it first to vectorize it and as I exported it later, I did so using the small JPEG format, thus it was raster again.

I used some graphic design tricks using a combination of Procreate and ArtStudio to take out the parts of the background I did not like as well as add some Emboss and other effects for the metallic image variants.


Here is the way I changed the blue platform the Robot is stationed at to the metallic looking one through the use of Illustrator’s Chrome effect:


Thus, I created a more liquid metal-like platform, but some of the old colors are still showing up so I am going to refine it:

Another variant:


Here are some metallic-looking variants through the graphic design Emboss effect I used with ArtStudio on iPad to the graphic:


A bit more pure Illustrator work and a project in progress:


It is interesting to work with different media and across both desktop and iPad to combine graphic arts effects, traces, the use of an Apple Pencil and Adobe Illustrator tracing. I enjoy seeing the results come out when working with different apps creating new content as well as changing or revising older ideas.


fishrobotsadd something377

fishrobotsadd something377

Here is a PDF of an older version or revision of the graphic above.

One combining some older assets of mine:


Here is a 90s-inspired version of with retro scanlines included:

Some other robotic ideas I have been working with:

Note, contact me if the exact version you want is not listed in the. buttons above.

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