Created New Surreal-Like Fantasy Digital Art

If you have seen my recent fantasy graphic designs and digital illustrations, you may have noticed my style of going over obsessively previous designs and coming up with new ideas or improvements.

The thing was I have decided to scan my old pastel hand-made drawing that inspired those designs and it turned out to be of a much higher quality. I then decided to work on this new version, but without totally digitizing all of it. Here are some of the ideas I came up with using various filters as well as manipulations:


I also ended up inserting the main figure I recently digitized, from the previous designs, but the vector version I created using Adobe Illustrator (with soft filters). The first image below uses a previous image so created by also digitizing a horse-riding warrior.



Here, I combine the old pastel piece in the background with custom graphic design I have recently created for new designs. Most of the images here I tried to make look like the warrior is coming out of a TV screen or a video game. Kind of like a mixed reality idea. I also have added scanlines to some of them, just as the image above.








You may have noticed that this post’s feature image has the warrior figure appearing a bit bulkier in terms of his build. Take a look at the image below and the one next to it (on the right or the feature image in this post). Notice, how I used to elasticity tool to morph him into a bulkier warrior and added fingers to the hand that Illustrator lost during the tracing process.




Below is a Commodore 64-like retro gaming version I quickly made up with some scanlines to boot:


Here are a couple of the older designs and other ideas I did not flesh out yet fully or morphed and changed into the images you see above:

Here is a PDF version of one of my favorite samples from the top of the post.

Here is one that is sort of a cartoon or joke with figures having strange proportions:


I also want to post this image here as I actually revised it recently and made it be desktop resolution or 1080p. I also have added aspects of my other images to it or combined them in some of the samples below:



Take a look at the fingers or hand how I changed it with the samples below with revisions over time. I also worked on the build and clothing using elasticity and clone tools.




I may add the last version’s (in the feature image) fingers to the other versions as well — or can do this on demand. I enjoy creating fresh digital illustrations or graphic design content from older designs, particularly those of mine created entirely from imagination on paper. Here is another recend rendition with the new hand:



If you want to support me creating and uploading more similar content, you can donate or purchase PDFs without the watermark of any of the images if you contact me.

Note, contact me if the exact version you want is not listed in the. buttons above.

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