New Translation Samples from Polish to English

I have recently applied for a remote, albeit full-time, position as part of the news aggregation network via LinkedIn. The funny thing about this is I’ve talked to someone who was responsible for the hiring process and told me there are at least 100 other people applying for the Warsaw-based position. The good news was again that it is a remote position with a descent salary at least.

I was sent a test project to do three article translations and although I was unable to complete the translations fully in the time frame I was given for the task, I think the end results turned out well.

The other thing thwt sort of annoyed me sbout the project is I had to subscribe to Gazeta Wyborcza just to complete these translations as the articles came from Gazeta Wyborcza. The piblication has a limit how many articles one can access without paying for a subscription if any at all.

One good takeaway from this is I can translate and edit things well. I may even try to get such positions or jobs in the future. If you are reading this blog and looking at a translator from Polish (or really any language as with help of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, alongside my own editing, I can make it work) to English such as website content, articles blog posts or even print content, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Below are the samples the way I translated them from the original sources. Keep in mind that I tried to follow the format of the Polish artifles, so they do not always follow typical U.S.-based AP style guidelines.

Original Source

My Translation:

“LGBT-Free Zones”, Otherwise Known as Polish Continuations of Dr. Goebbels’ Policies

When it is already too late, monuments erected in the memory of victims, museums are built and stone plaques are hung. However, I do not know of a case when someone had their lost or destroyed lives return to normal. 

One of my former Facebook friends explained to me what the idea behind “LGBT-free zones” meant. He did so outraged by my writing from a few days ago, in which I urged to sign a petition against the municipality of Chocianów in Lower Silesia. The municipality wants to create appraisals for every form of lawful discriminative acts against the entire ideology of LGTB. 

My former friend wrote me:

“A LGTB-free zone is a zone where people do not wish to be subjected to barrages of propaganda from attention-seeking advocates looking for non-questionable affirmation. It is not a zone that is biased or discriminatory toward one person or another. I do not care who someone sleeps with”.

He went on to say:

“If you do not see a difference [in discriminations], and are constantly seeing the star of David patches and “Nur für Deutsche” posters all over the place [regarding this], then you have lost your mind completely”.

I am not surprised by such perceptions of this issue. Since my former friend agreed there is an analogy between the phrase “Nur für Deutsche” and inscriptions of “Judenfrei”, he must admit that there isn’t much of a difference between himself – who defends the discriminative and fascist actions of local governments – and Dr. Goebbels. 

My former friend has declared himself a catholic and as opposed to Goebbels, he didn’t luck out to find a wife or pass on his offspring. Despite this, he is worried that 75 years after they stopped murdering people in Auschwitz, I constantly still see the star of David patches everywhere. he thinks I have lost my mind. 

Another aspect that contributes to this form of reasoning is the idea that the Catholic majority is under threat and is factually next on the list of goals to be exterminated. For this majority, an “evil” incarnate exists within secretive forces that is to bring about the extermination of catholics. 

Apparently, my former buddy wakes up and falls asleep with dread worrying about his life and the threat of death from homosexuals and atheists. What to do? Everyone has a nightmare they put into their own making.

Despite this, I would like to remind my former friend that what constitutes “LGTB-free zones” does not differ from what jews were subjected to in terms of being able to walk inside a park or another public place. There is no difference between this and the time when “Polish Patriots” placed plaques with inscriptions that read: “Beach for christians. Jews are forbidden to enter” at Puszczykowo beach, which was leased by the National Party, before the war.

During this same period of time, in Nazi Germany the Gestapo was already throwing out men from their homes under Paragraph 175 with patches sewen on them that had pink triangles while at the same time imprisoning them in KL Sachsenhausen or KL Flossenbürg because they were homosexuals. Such an allegation was all it took.

All of this was because a small group of bandits got into power legally and they also did not wish to, as my former colleague said, “be subjected to barrages of propaganda from attention-seeking advocates looking for non-questionable affirmation.” It was all it took then and it is all it will take today.

You replace any social group, or sexual, ethnic, and religious minority with another, and then create some form of Auschwitz. To begin with, a little bit like the well-known and familiar breezes used to house our pre-war enemies of the state, only this time for homosexual opponents. It will start out as a homosexual detention center and we will see it go downhill from there.

I get the impression that we’ve stopped noticing the evil that’s happening around us, and in fear of another pandemic, we didn’t notice we’ve already been infected. It is already too late because the infection is only growing. The virus is incubating itself and is relatively young. It’s found in different strains. It can be called Fascism, Nazism or religious fundamentalism, while always accompanied by a dangerous “protein strain” called “nationalism”. When left untreated, its end result is the death of millions of people.

Then, when it’s too late, monuments are erected for the victims, museums are built and stone tablets hung for them. This memory of course matters, but I don’t know of any case that brought back completely lost or destroyed lives this way.

That is the charm of “free zones”. Something that former acquaintance and people with similar mindsets 75 years preciously did not understand.

Original Source 2

My Translation:

The EU Budget. Friends of Coalition vs. The Frugal Four

In just two weeks time, the EU’s bliss will be on display during a summit addressing the multi-annual EU cohesion budget. For the time being, it will be difficult for the two sides to come together and bridge their gap in expectations.

The President of the European Council invited the leaders of the 27 EU countries to a meeting in Brussels on 20 February where he wants to reach an agreement on the EU budget for 2021-2027 – Any delay will have a series of practical and political consequences and will jeopardise the continuation of current EU-based programs and policies. it will also make it more difficult to start new ones, Charles Michel wrote in a letter to leaders.

The Belgian wants an agreement to be reached during this particular meeting, but the diplomats of the key countries with whom Polish officials have spoken to unofficially, doubts this will occur.  “We will need another summit, maybe a few weeks later,” One of them said. This is because the gap between the expectations of countries receiving the benefits of the EU, such as Poland, and those paying the benefits, such as the Netherlands, is greater than in the past. The main reason for this is Brexit, i.e. the exit from the EU of one of the largest net payers of these benefits.


Over the past weeks, Michel’s advisors have been in contact with various advisors to  prime ministers and presidents. Now is the time for confessionals. These are bilateral meetings between the Council President and the leaders and where they confess their main issues and problems regarding the budget proposal and how far they can compromise. On this basis, Michel will prepare his version of the compromise, the first to be presented a few days before the summit. The next one will probably come on the day of the summit, 20 February.

On Thursday evening Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki arrived with his demands. 

“We understand the objective consequences of Brexit for the EU budget. We lose around 80 billion euros on the departure of a key payer that the UK is. However, we do not agree with disproportionate cuts from EU cohesion budget and agriculture,” said Konrad Szymański, Secretary of State for European Affairs, before the meeting. “Poland believes that in order for the budget to become a politically balanced compromise, shifts need to be made from the parts that benefit the European Commission and this includes defensive politics or research and development within science. An alternative is to create new money, that north EU member states do not want to put their funds into.

Radical Budget Cuts

The Polish worry refer to what has been presented so far, i.e. the European Commission’s project of May 2018, which amounted to 1.11% of the gross national income, i.e. 1279 billion euros. For Poland, this means a radical cut in funds from the EU budget by 19 billion euros compared to the period 2014-2020. According to Szymański, there should be more money for us through transfers from other such projects.

However, the problem is that even the modest European Commission project has little  chance of being accepted as it is strongly contested by the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Austria, otherwise known as the “Frugal Four”, which Germany occasionally is part of as well. On the other hand, there is a much larger group with the inclusion of Poland, aka  the “Cohesive Group”, but they do not have the funds unlike the first group. Thus, any sort of compromise depends on them.

“Time works in their favour,” a diplomats says. “Because, although it is true that the budget is adopted unanimously, if there is no budget, the EU acts on the basis of the financial plan from the previous year. In practice, this means continuity of agriculture and administration payments, but no money for EU cohesion. This is because there will be no legal basis for any long-term investment projects. Such an action will not affect the big four savers, but will the nations friendly to the cohesion policy.

Our representatives, however, doubt that such a scenario will happen. There will be an agreement, although probably not at this first summit, but not much later. Also the economies have to go a little bit further, because they know that the 1 percent of Gross National income they are calling for is unattainable,” says one of the diplomats.

This will require concessions from the recipient nations or the ‘Cohesive Group’, who have to accept the fact that European Commission’s proposal will not pass. Internal shifts will also be necessary to the benefit of those receiving countries who are the most affected by brexit. This is the ‘Frugal Four’ alongside Germany: it is their net balance that is being distributed to toe other nations. They have to contribute growing net balance from transfers that are told they must make in greater numbers.

Much smaller losses are attributed to nations paying into this net balance like France, Ireland or Belgia. This is why the idea of receiving rebates is important to this first group. The rebates represent arbitrary amounts of balance to countries that have been the most affected by the money distribution mechanism. The largest beneficiary of the rebate was Great Britain, but other EU countries also received it.

As you see, I can translate even complex political issues and test full of Polish colloquiums pretty well as long as I have time to research and think for myself of my own grasp of both languages and the true meaning behind certain phrases. In other languages this is harder, but more simple translations are also possible, and I have done it between German and English, with the help of AI and translation apps that I can edit further.

I am offering such translation services for anyone interested. We can discuss rates and other issues as I am flexible for now.

By the way, they have not even contacted me related to the job or the results so I do not even know if they sued these translations below without my permission for their profit. The website or job I did this for was and the person who contacted me was named Djan Sauerborn with an e-mail of

Also of note, in terms of some of my past translation work, the whole website of including the catchphrase „U.S. Business Transactions Made Easy” was also all of my editing and translation work. You can check the blog section on this site as it has my byline or name.

Jak ktoś potrzebuje tlumacz od Polskeigo na Angielski czy odwrotnie a na media czy inny źródła dajcie znać. Cala witryna i slogan, „U.S. Business Transactions Made Easy” ja samemu whkonałem i wymyśliłem ten slogan. Dajcie znać bo jestem chętny do współpracy.

Lastly, here was an older translation project I’ve completed translating app descriptions from English to Polish.

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