Pixel Art Concepts + New Infographic Revision

Since I have not updated this blog and website for a while, I wanted to give an update on what I have been up to. This post will include various projects I have been working on and graphics or illustrations worth checking out

First of all, let me talk about my latest infographic version I created. You may remember this infographic post from a while back, where I created a basic infographic that still had ways to go. I updated that version and this is the result (I’ve updated the blog post already to include this version below, however it shows the creation process more in-depth):

It is not a complicated piece, just putting some of my former assets together into a concept separating corporate or enterprise AI with consumer AI.

Here is a flying bird I converted into Illustrator, which I originally drew on an iPad using an app called ArtStudio and a third-party stylus. Then, I changed the background cloud image a bit using the Bloat tool. I also added some filters to it and made a brow and eye using vectors:

I also have created a digital illustration from my former assets. This included the abstract fantasy artwork concept I created on iPad using Procreate and a figure of a cloaked warrior or wizard I inserted into the illustration. I would call it an “Abstract Fantasy Landscape.”

Abstract landscape long

Diff aspect ratio:


I then decided to continue this idea by inputting it into this iPad app called Pixel Art Maker. The app is nice because it allows for existing photos or graphics to be inputted into a pixel grid of varied sizes and worked from there. As you know, I have dibbled or worked with this app and pixel art before.

Below are some of the results of this fantasy landscape idea. I would call these pieces, “Abstract Fantasy-Based Pixel Art Landscapes.”


Below is a version where I took out the mountain/cave in the middle an made it longer scenery. I also changed the caped or cloaked character to a warrior holding a word:

It is as if the pixel app I used produced a Commodore 64 style of a look. The app is good for that real retro style of grid-based pixel art, but not the stuff really modern pixel art makers or indy game companies create. It is based on a grid of squares without much of a smoothing, anti-aliasing or layering aspect to it. Still, I think it at least turned out interesting.

If you look deeper into the images you may see how they changed as I worked on them over time. The last image shows a cloaked warrior that almost resembles more of a knight rather than a wizard with even one (and slightly both) arms showing. The previous version has more of a wizard onlooking the cave or mountain below with sun rays coming out of the sky.

If you want to check out more of my fantasy art concepts, read my previous blog post here. It includes design samples (scroll down toward the end of the post) that are the original landscape shown here before inputting the cloaked figure and other additions and pixelizing it.

here are a couple of filtered versions after I inserted the last image into Illustrator and vectorized it by tracing it in low fidelity color and adding some filters:

[Note]: For more pixel art samples of the scene above, as well as other digital art, you can check out my other site or blog focusing on graphic design and illustration here.

Another lowfi or lower pixeled variant and some others below:

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