Created a New Gaming-Inspired Video Project

Maciej Duraj Graphic DesignYou may recall my recent graphic art and short animation related to a space game called Super Hydorah designed by an indy game studio called Abylight Studios. I created those graphics from scratch on my iPad and used the concept of a space battle to showcase my ideas visually in a stop-motion video. However, I came up with something new, and I would argue more interesting, recently.

I watched a video clip of an older, some might call retro, game not long ago on YouTube called Black Moon Chronicles, which you can watch here. I liked the storyline or introduction the video shows and it made me wonder about getting back into game writing and visuals as well as trying to form my ideas again related to good game wring and storytelling.

As you may recall, I have previously discussed some of my ideas for game storylines, particularly for the continuation of Jeff Vogel’s, aka Spiderweb Software’s, Avernun series. I wrote a light script discussing some ideas for a potential sequel and even created some art ideas to go along with the text. By the way, the Avernun games are some of my favorite RPGs of all time.

For this video project you can see below, I also created the intro storyline in addition to all the other multimedia associated with the trailer. It is more of a concept trailer to showcase my skills as I added all of my own graphic design, motion graphics, some voice and video editing. Here is the latest version:

If I continue working on the concept and either do another longer clip or turn this idea into an actual game, I will try to make the text more readable and scroll slower. I used an iPad app for the scrolling text called Scrolling Credits Pro. The speed is limited and it is the slowest I could get it when using this app. However, I could space the paragraphs out further to make it less taxing to follow in a future video.

I like the app overall because it supports a wide range of fonts and colors. I know iMovie for Mac has a scrolling credit option, but I do not believe it scrolls over an image like I wanted it here, but only a black screen. note that iMovie for iPad, which I used for the entire editing snd uploading to YouTube process, has no such option.

Here were some or the images that I used in the creation process of these clips and below the actual text:

I have more ideas that formed as a result of these esperimentations, like the crystalized blur effect I created toward the mid end of the first video above. However, I have them on my other Mac not with me right now. Thus, I may or may not add them to this post later.

I feel that this is a good number above to showcase and it includes both onces I have used in the clips and ones that did not make the cut. Here is the storyline text I created from scratch that is included in the trailers:

The eye of the beholder knows no bounds. Mists rise and fall into the coldness of deep space as eons pass…

This is an omnipresence that took down entire otherworldly civilizations in its quest for power and exists in a dimension unknown to man.

However, in this alternate dimension, there exists portals to the world of humanity. The world of mankind. And through these portals some have tasted its power. Some humans who hold the power of magic, or skills beyond the grasp of the average man, know of its existence.

These people are almost mythical in nature and largely unknown. They call themselves the Spectre. They call this otherworldly power the demigod or Gogiel. They have held the secrets to its existence for centuries and worship this demigod in secret.

With this power of magic, they have changed the course of human history many times throughout the ages. However, they are not the only ones who tap into unseen forces and know of this demigod’s existence.

Warriors of light or goodness also exist that know of it. They have their own power they tap into that is the opposing force of Gogiel. A yin and yang that exists in the outer-dimension and which transforms space and time.

Their source of power and magical abilities is known as the sleepless one or Szekir. Their time now rises and this is their story…

I’d like to reiterate that all of the work in the trailers, beside the background music (I gave the artist credit), is my own. This work as it stands now is just some of my ideas thrown together and meant to improve my video editing skills, who knows what will come of it. Stay tuned…

[Edit] Here are the three crystalized forms I created, but in reverse form from the video, showing a transition of form:

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