More Samples of My Recent Work with an Interesting Twist

So I have been doing a lot of ghost writing and blogging as of late with many articles not published under my name or byline through a company I have been working with that I hope to work with again in the future. Unfortunately, they no longer are doing SEO at the moment, thus I am looking for new clients and other opportunities.

However, I have noticed a lot of the research articles and technical writing samples based on my own experience with web development and other IT topics have bene published with my byline displayed. I have recently wrote about one related to telecommute work and outsourcing web developers from abroad.

Here are some others I have found under my name (i.e byline) with more other articles not displaying my name or byline. Many relate to web development using Javascript and the like. Some go into other topics like the Blockchain as well. Here are some samples below:

I also have many like I said published under admin, anonymously or another byline due to me agreeing to have many ghost-written. I do not mind working like this, although it becomes sometimes difficult to use as samples for future work. I have decided to still link some of them below for anyone interested on the type of work I can produce:

By Googling my name I also found one or my former Forbes articles that related to digital marketing. It is an interesting piece because I covered examples of success stories how some companies formed from humble beginnings and how some founders started out small and worked their way up to success:

The crazy thing is when searching for more of my articles on Google and googling my name I found an Upwork web developer who sort or resembles me and has a very similar name; it is spelt with an l and not I though: Maclej vs. Maciej. I do wonder if my name and experience covering this topic relates to him choosing it or if it is an actual person sharing my exact name who lives in Norway? Here is his Upwork profile:

It could be just a coincidence, but life can be interesting sometimes and you never know who is trying to bank off your work or name. Either way, I will let you guys or my readers decide because I am a technical writer and multimedia journalist experienced covering this topic while he is doing actual front-end work, so it does not bother me for now that we share the same name.

Lastly, I found this former project of mine where I translated text between Polish and English and do not mind doing more of this type of work for websites or app descriptions and the like.

Thus, as you can see I have been busy in the last four months, although now I am free and looking for new opportunities.

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