Some of My Latest Articles Worth Checking Out That Are IT-Focused

I have been writing various articles related to the IT industry lately. The topic includes software development and the role of software developers in a wide range of tasks l;ike mobile apps, health care, differentiation between front-end and back-end developers and more.

Although I have not been adding my own graphics to the articles, I enjoy covering the topic. It gives me more knowledge about the industry and focuses me to research on various aspects of current happenings within the tech world as a whole.

Here are some of these articles that include my contributor byline:

I have also written a couple more complex articles that I could describe more as technical writing pieces for Pluralsight. Here they are:

As you see I continue to focus on tech in my writing and I think I am good at covering this topic because of my experience and constant use of tech in my daily life. I am very excited about the upcoming iPadOS 13 or the operating system that will launch this fall that will branch out from iOS and combine the best of both of the worlds of Mac and iPhone.

I may cover this topic soon in a separate blog post. There are some good videos on Youtube of various tech gurus already using the beta version of this OS to their delight. it includes a file system finally and other aspects like widgets right on the main screen.

There you have it. There are also other posts across various sites I have recently written related to tech and I may include these either in a separate post, add them onto here or simply my portfolio.

By the way, the featured image was taken from Berlin from my recent trip I just got back from last night. I think berlin is my favorite city in the world in terms of a place to live in. I recently went to a trip around Poland and was on the western part of the country, so I decided to head to Berlin.

It is a great palce to be with awesome street art and graffity. It also has many awesome bars, like vintage or retro-themed ones, as well as awesome parks with wall climbing and beach volleyball. The city truly rocks.

As you amy know if you have been following this blog for a while, in the photography section there are already images of Berlin available. I posted this on my first trip to the city about a year and a half ago. this was my second visit.

Take care and hope you have a good weekend. Here are some more images from my recent trip to Berlin for you:

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