Creating a Stop Motion Short Animation Using My Pixel Art

I have decided to continue working on one of the variations of my recent graphic I created. I liked the pixel art variation of the many graphics I created and shared in my last post. Even though, like the design of the ones that came out after I inputted the pisel art variation into Illustrator and added filters, I still have a soft spot for pixel art. With that said, I’ve decided to keep working on it. This was what I ended up created some gaming-inspired pieces related to space shooters.

The Pixel art today is a very popular form of art form and graphic design, particularly in modern game design when it comes to indy video and PC games development. I particularly enjoy shooters and the graphic had a very space theme to it. So, I decided to go with space shooter theme as well.

What I did was I added some older assets I had prviously created and had in my disposal. These assets include a space ship and a head-like boss or enemy type of object that the ships is facing. However, I decided not to piselize these assets or objects and just leave the background pixelated.

I also play this game often on my iPad called Super Hydorah by Abylight Studios. This is a great pixel art style of a shooter and brings me back to my childhood in Poland everytime I play it. I highly recommend it particularly on iPad as the touch controls work surprisingly well.

As a matter of fact, what actually got me to recognize and try out Super Hydorah on my iPad in the first place was an assignment for TouchArcade. Here is my full review of this gem of a game.

Thus, I started experimenting with this theme and art style today and I ended up creating this stop motion clip about it. I created it all on iPad’s iMovie:

This was a short experiment as what I rally should do is try using Final Cut to create something or create a moving GIF. Of course I could take the pan out of each image or animation and add many more for a true stop motion variation. We will see if I will continue working on this in the future. However, Abylight Studios, if you are intersted working with me, let me know.

The other thing I want to add is that the panning was difficult on the iPad to get the image or screen to move the way I wanted. All you can do is pick the beginning spot and end spot on each image on the timeline. I think creating a GIF would be easier to get a sense of flow and I may do this in the future as I did was my robotics work previously.

I also tried turning the ship in certain images, but it is difficult to notice in the video animation. I tried making it go upward than horizontal to face the incoming threat. If you look real close, you may notice.

I have also decied to keep working on it. In the image below I took out the background edges or the poster type of canvas look and added a bit of a thrust to the ship. This was not yet implemented or added to the stop motion clip though.

Here is a more lowfi version of one of the designs:

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