Cloud Storage & Distributed Computing Ideas in Graphic Design

Some digital ideas I created from scratch on iPad while writing on the topics of cloud storage and distributed computing. I have not used these for that piece as I finished them later, but may in the future:


Here is the final image I have thus using only the iPad (I originally created all on iPad and uploaded from iPad) — below are images I later added onto using Adobe Illustrator:

Here is another revision I ended up doing on Illustrator later and inputted it as the cover image of my latest Forbes article:




I was thinking of having the lines go inside the image or from outside the bleed/artboard edged to inside the actual image as a more fun way of showcasing the interlinking of the data via the nodes. I may do this and add it below as I had one version like this, but the image that is preceding the above image — thus on the right edge it was confusing.

cloudslatest88_Artboard 1-02

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