A Wave of Multimedia-Based Graphic Design

So while traveling to Tel Aviv, Israel and seeing so much awesome street art and graffiti (I also checked out Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, but that is a whole other story), I got inspired again to create something new. Here is a video I created I originally titled, The Wave, but really want to call it more of A Wave-Like Experince of Multimedia Graphic Design.

Below are some samples I created to put into the end of the clip. I decided to add that bit to make it a mix of some of my graphic design samples (a showcase of sorts of some of my recent samples not related to a theme) and a short film about the theme of waves and movement in still motion as well as an abstract form of metal.

I have been experiencing with various effects and that’s how the theme came to be around movement, waves, transcendence and metal. Here are the random samples at the end showcased that do not really relate to theshort clip’s theme, but I created froms sratch as well as the video.

Here are some mix and match samples as well as a random background I recently created as I was experimenting with abstract forms.


This sample I created using the self-created abstract background and skewing some layers of Tel Aviv street art, which I captured as photos from my iPad’s camera.



I have many more great samples from this recent trip to Israel and not just in terms of great street art or graffiti. I have lots of desert images, Jerusalem’s oldcastle or town walls, including one of me standing in front of Dammascus Gate, as well as old Roman structures near Masada. I may either showcase these as part of a collage or create my own custom art, graphic design and multimedia out of them or in combination with my own abstract forms.



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