My Latest Adobe Illustrator Project

With the topic of AI big now adays, with machine learning making huge strides as I described here, I was inspired to continue my advances into Illustrator learning by doing a vector project about machine learning technology. There are so many different ways to represent AI and so many possible interpretations and variations, that all I had a robot concept in mind. Then I went from there.

I really like Vector art and shapes because they convey a different meaning than raster or hand-drawn artwork. They are more machine like or artificial shapes, but no less interesting and beautiful. It is a great skill being able to produce good raster and vector content (both Photoshop and Illustrator) in conjuncion by combining works across both apps doing production.

Illustrator is interesting because it has included symbols in its package as I have includes in the image below — the icons on clouds specifically. However, it also has various brush tools available (despite being a vector software) like the patchwork I have showing around the machine learning messages. There are also interesting tools to use like the knife, which I used to cut around the circles of the robot to make an arc below the head.

Below is the original image in Illustrator, however I noticed a typo in the bottom phrase where I had L in capitals after A in the word all. So I just inputed my work into Art Studio for iPad, cleaned up the l by removing edges, and decided to add some other raster work onto it with some sharpening, burn and blur effects and such making the world and robot more disfunctional in nature:









I decided to esperiment with this one below by adding the robotic object from Illustrator into Art Studio with an iPad I created from scratch, my photograph of TVs in background of a club and a hand-drawn piece from a pastel collage I also did all I to this padkage with multiple variations:



Some other varistions below with different spin:


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