Latest Graphic Design Project on iPad

So I’ve decided to do a little Art Studio for iPad project of the day to add to the previous blog post I wrote about Grid Autosport landing on the tablet and iOS devices in general. You cam see my blog post here and the image is there.

Below are a few different versions of the image before I got to the final corrected one. Please don’t expect something spectacular, as this was a quick project I did for a single article or because I was simply bored.

Note, I used a prefious drawing of an iPad, which I also used Art Studio to create, thus the whole image is from scratch and done on iPad. Here is the stock image I used from the game:


And here are the images from working progress to completion:




also decided to update the graphic design section of the site with this image and two others. One of the new added images on there (the man going iside the TV screen) I was planning on adding to the site for a long time, or that secrion, but forgot about. It was an augmented reality scaling distortion I did for an article that you can still read on PC Gamer about the future of AR and my research about the tech. The article with the image I created cna be found here. Here is the image:


So there you have it. As you can see, with apps like Art Studio for iPad and many other newer offeirngs, the iPad is a great tool for digital artists, content creators and bloggers.

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