Some of my Pastel, Grafit & Charcoal Artwork

I am not sure if any of you realized, but I have also been interested in both digital and non-digital (thus based on real paper) art for quite sometime. I started doing pastel work on larger and more expensive paper a few years ago after taking a couple courses (drawing basics as well as an art history studies course) in community colleges in Chico, CA and Cupertino, CA respectively.

I am an avid history fan as well as a fan of computer or tablet games such as Jeff Vogel’s infamoust Avernun series about a war taking place deep underground in cave systems where prisoners from the surface world of The Empire are thrown for disobeying the empereor above ground. I love such serious topics even on a gaming medium (the system in U.S. related to prisons and courts is similar and this seems like a metaphor for this) and the lore, writing, even artistic aesthetics of Jeff Vogels, via Spiderweb Software, also make the games truly special and among my favorite of all gaming titles.

Anyway, I got the idea to post these images on here for a few reasons. One is that Jeff recently announced Avernun 3 for iPad; two because my mom recently had a chance to digitise these works and send them via image attachments to me to which I have added some touch-ups including the copyright logo as I may do something professional with them or even start selling them on here and opening a digital storefront or even poster print outs; and three because I want to reach out to Jeff and found that through this blog post I may be able to.

These works are a mix of pastel, charcoal and grafit pencil. Most of the color stuff uses all three pastel mediums in unison: oil pastels, soft pastels and hard pastels. However, I like the softness of soft pastels although I don’t currently have or use a fixer, they turn out looking very velvety. I round that using oil for things like swords, armour or metallic engravings in the images, thus making the art stand out.

Jeff if you are reading this, go ahead and check out my site on here and my writing portfolio. Whether you want to work with me on artwork for the series, or artwork for ads we can distribute among online networks with Spiderweb Software or Avernun 3 displayed, video ads, or my specialty: writing content for you such as blogging or freelance features or even in-game dialoge. Here are some images I’ve done in pastel work.

Probably my favorite of all my pieces. I think this is professional level piece that could be out as an ad for the Spiderweb Series or even used as the intro screen in the game (if Jeff agrees that would be awesome lets talk). Done using mostly soft and some hard pastels for background and oils for armour:


Here is my interpretation of Malbork, or the castle currently still standing in Poland originally built by the Teutonic Knights:


Althouh this one bears no resemblance to gaming art of fantasy, I really like the way it turned out. This piece I did in oil pastels and call it “Duck” or “Kaczka” in Polish:


Bolesław the Brave, first official king of Poland who unified the land after his father, Mieszko I, christianized it (Mieszko I was pagan most of his life):

This one is super abstract and although the grass didn’t come out the best, I like the bird and figure of “The Lone Warrior” series as I call it:


My Metroid Rendition, if Nintendo is interested in me doing such pieces for them as ads or bos covers please contact me:


Here is my 3D Mario rendition or, more specifically, Mario Galaxy:


Working on hand grips as I drew this archer (also part of my “Lone Warrior” series):


Polish Hussar, and yes I understand his legs are a little short. This is after all abstract though right?


Some more fantasy abstract (look for the bats done in charcoal):


Here is a street mugging rendition I’ve done with no outlines in pure oil pastels:


This is another fantasy piece in a similar vein to the Conan movies:


This one has a dedicated to spiderweb software shown somewhere within it, and was based on my own pastel spin on this digital piece one can see on Jeff’s website:


Here are a couple more related to fanasy and medieval history. The one below I would call part of my “Lone Warrior” series:


Mieszko I or first ruler of Poland to become Christianized and rule Poland in a semi official manner:


Medieval or fantasy landscape with play of shadows:


I have a lot more, which I will post either as blog posts on here or I will create a page on top and possibly a separate site related to my artwork. However, these are mostly medieval or fantasy based in order to show off my work to Jeff or game companies looking for an artist, writer, video editor and the like. Please take a look and don’t hesitate to comment or reach out. Almost all of my pieces have my signature on them hand written, but through digital imagery I can commission each piece for you if you want to use any of them and my copyright, for a fee, please let me know. Or I can do more specific art for you.

By the way, although I enjoy working with pencil, pastels and harcoal the most, I also enjoy watercolors and have such works to show as well. Here is the Polish eagle with its infamous four talons making it unique:


Lastly,This one may be my cover for a book I’ve been planning on writing:


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