The iPad = Ultimate Citizens Journalism Tool

I have been using my iPad for everything: from taking photos, videos, to editing them all on the go snd even getting published all within a day. The tablet is truly transforming our lives as a gadget to have in our hand at all times. The screen real estate is just big enough for the screen sharing functionality and apps are becoming custom built with it in mind.

I have even been using apps such as SmartRecord to record sound around me or interesting coversations to use later. For instance here is one with young people near me in a coffee shop discussing age of consent laws around the world.

I have been using apps such as iTranslate to transcribe in real-time voices from somea ne speaking one language to another as I travel to different countries or meet people from all over the world here in Warsaw.

My Youtube channel is full of videos I shot, recorded and shared or uploaded all from the iMovie app or simply from the camera app itself if they needed no editing. However, it is truly with photos that the tablet has captivated me as thequality has increased incredibly over the years with each model offering new options in terms of software functionality such as Live photos, panorama images, flash, face time and the like.

Here are some interesting photos you may enjoy shot from the iPad:




This was all done within the last couple of days, and I continue to discover and find things around Warsaw worth photographing or recording. I take the iPad everywhere with me and do not regret it for a moment. I even have a skopter I used once while holding the iPad as a GoPro-style device:

As you can see, the iPad has really allowed journalists or regular people interested in the world sround them to discover, share and personalize their surroundings. It has really allowed previous tools only accessible to professionals to be available in the palm of our hands and at a very light and portable weight. Imagine trying to use a regular laptop standing up with the clam design, no it wouldn’t be the same. The iPad has truly made its home in the lives of adventurers and journalists worldwide.

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