Beast Boxing 3D Review: This Sluggerfest Packs a Serious Punch

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Beast Boxing 3D($2.99) by Goodhustle Studios is the latest boxing title for the iPhone — but this one has some surprises up its sleeve. The game is based on a bunch of otherworldly creatures like humanoid pigs and skeletons fighting it out in a ring with a humorous storyline and dialogue. You are a slum-raised human dressed in a beast costume to take part in the sluggerfest; as humans don’t enter this beast-league.


There are three levels of difficulty and three save slots to pick from. After creating a save, your first opponent is a gym teacher, named Piglas, who teaches your character the ins-and-outs of boxing. There is a short diagram depicting a tutorial on the various move-sets — from defense to offense. The tutorial option also exists in the main menu that can be accessed anytime if you forget something and the trainer gives hints during beginning bouts as well.

The graphics are really nice in this game with great animation and backgrounds. There is even smoke coming out of the ring corners. When the opponent gets KO’d he falls like a wooden block straight backwards to add in a nice effect to your victory. The various beasts in the game are very well detailed and unique in their own way — they also have their own attacks to unleash and styles of boxing. There are various sounds coming from the crowd during matches and the background music fits right in with the title as it is very upbeat. It is just loud enough to still hear the thuds of shots as the slum-boy-dressed-as-beast is hitting opponents or him getting hit.

There are also achievements to unlock with GameCenter but no multiplayer. Another shortfall is lack of modes and only nine opponents in the game to defeat in the game.


Everything is done by tilting or swiping as there isn’t a virtual dpad or anything of the sort. And swiping corresponds to what you would expect to yield with the direction of input. Swiping either the left or right finger — depending on what arm you want your on-screen fighter to use — in a similar way you would expect a punch to be thrown causes the slum-boy to throw either a hook, jab-straight, or uppercut: Down to up is the uppercut, left to right is a left hook, and tapping with the thumb initiates the jab or cross. Blocking is accomplished by touching two thumbs on the screen at once. You can tilt in either direction to move your character, but for some reason the view of the opponent disappears for a second as he strafes rather than just circles around his opponent.

There is clear strategy here as you have to setup attacks and know when to defend or move and when to take offense. The opponents don’t fight in prearranged ways like they do in ‘Punch-Out’ so they can learn your habits as well.


Beast Boxing is similar to the ‘Punch-Out’ series but there are three punches to throw here from both arms and you can create combinations based on these attacks. They are the jab, hook, and uppercut. And because they can be done with each arm there are a lot of possible combinations to throw. The opponents have their own movements and combinations, sometimes bordering on the silly as well. There is a stamina and health bar and stamina needs to be replenished by avoiding any action for a few seconds — blocking or dodging.

Improving the slum-boy’s stats in the game’s virtual gym is done in-between bouts by choosing upgrades to purchase. This is done with earnings compromises of gold coins and can be either earned from bouts or collected during the match from fans by holding the block input. You can also fight previously defeated opponents with a rematch to earn earnings.


I would have liked to be able to block in the middle of a combo unleashed at me — to be able to cover up even after getting hit or be able to move after the opponent landed some shots on my character but for some reason you have to take the entire combo before being able to respond. Some other improvements with movement and controls I would like to see addressed is being able to circle around the opponent not just move in a parallel matter — game forces you to strafe left or right but I would like to keep the view on him while I move left or right.

Body shots are also missing in beast Boxing and I would like the option to throw them. Tilting forward and backwards isn’t even implemented here as well and I would love to be able to dodge by moving my head back from a punch instead of just left or right. Online multiplayer would also be a nice addition as well, as this game screams online leader boards and competition for players outside the A.I.


Beast Boxing has all the makings of a great boxing game. The swipe-controls are very well implemented and correspond exactly to what each hand movement performs. The punches are executed really quickly as well and I never had my character throw something different than I inputted. However this is still a simplified arcade-like title, and not a boxing sim. The inability to circle around the opponent or throw body shots are some of the things greatly missing from the package. Breast boxing however, has just enough to satisfy anyone looking for pugilistic ring-combat on the iPhone and the presentation along with the character animations are worth the price of admission.

posted on theappera

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