Pizza Boy Review – before reformat for theappera

Pizza Boy by Acne Play
by Mike Lata

enhanced 3Pizza Boy is a great 2d platformer for the iPhone reminiscent of the 16-bit era. The graphics, physics and gameplay have a familiar feel those of us who grew up with Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. Despite being relatively short, Pizza Boy is a challenging game with a lot of solid platforming skills required to complete it.

After choosing to enable sound, the main menu of the game launches a MIDI-style soundtrack that simply made me smile as I knew I was in for a treat. This is by no means an easy casual game however, as I was replaying some levels multiple times.

The game is very much like a mix of Adventure Island and Mario. Jumping on most enemies or throwing milk jugs at them will defeat them. The game also features retro music that will remind of an era where platformers shined.

Like most platformers, the game progresses in a linear fashion where you start on the left side of a level and reach the end goal on the right. Some levels, reminiscent of Mario, have the level scroll left forcing the player to use quick reflexes to keep heading right.

The physics are very well done and you never feel as if you can float or jump too high compared to the size and look of the character you are controlling.

This game is very fun and addicting, and is a strong recommendation for any platformer fans looking to get their fix on the touch. The controls are well made and unlike many other games the dpad and buttons are below the gameplay and don’t really get in the way of the visuals. The dpad also looks very retro and has style but only with a left and right trigger.

The game has really top notch colorful-retro looks and has great level design. If you can put up with the game not having much length and no expansion purchases or addons, and enjoy a platforming challenge, head to the App Store and purchase it. The App store needs more platformers like this and Along with Frogatto, DarkVoidZero and Invisible Runner, this is among the best platformers on there.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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